How crypto enthusiasts presented Ukraine in Europe
On May 14, as the continuation of Blockchain Art, U2Europe kicked off — it is the unique image-building project that presented Ukraine to Europe in partner locations in European capitals: Paris, Brussels, Luxembourg, Amsterdam, Berlin and Prague.
U2Europe is the series of interactive events that took place simultaneously in a common space in order to achieve the effect of maximum informative saturation and free interaction of participants. European capitals opened the doors to Ukrainian blockchain initiatives, businessmen, investors and artists, providing an innovative presentation platform.
In Paris, in addition to the presentation of Ukrainian companies and the traditional exhibition of Blockchain Art collection, the opening of Art Fork took place — the art workshop whose participants reflexed and produced an artistic product on a given theme, continuing the line of presented Ukrainian works. French artists, inspired by the works of Ukrainians, created the so-called “hard forks” of art objects: rethinking the works, continued the creative line of their colleagues in new art objects, which also become the part of the Blockchain Art collection.

The integration of two different areas — technology and art, the unification of interests and the presentation of successful Ukrainian projects to the European community — these are the goals that Blockchain Art sets for itself.
Ukraine-Alsace: innovative projects in the electronic space
On June 25, in Strasbourg, the teams BlockchainLab, UNIT.City, Blockchain Art, btcu.ua, Dep.exchange and ICOkit.me together with the Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Permanent Mission of Ukraine to the Council of Europe held the first-ever conference “Ukraine-Alsace: innovative projects in the electronic space”.
Participants presented their vision of the future of IT-technologies and the corresponding cooperation of Ukraine and France through the prism of their professional expertise and business strategy. In parallel with the discussion part of the event, the exhibition of the works of Blockchain Art Hackathon and Art Fork took place. It is worth noting that art objects created during the relevant event in Paris also took part in the Art Fork in Strasbourg. Thus, the works are reflected and continued in new art objects, without ceasing to develop.