"Гармония прогресса"

The author investigates the topic of interconnection of everyday phenomena with the space through his art. He decided to cross the borders of our planet and demonstrate the Blockchain technology from the astronaut's point of view. Everything in this world is constantly moving. The dynamic is the law of development. The arrows around the planet symbolize the constant progress of the new Blockchain technology as well as unhindered exchange of benefits and energy. This work demonstrates the opportunity of direct communications and the transparency of relationships that are guaranteed by the new technology. The basis of the sculpture is a metal welded frame. The metal elements were made separately — the globe and the arrows. The space was reproduced with a cinder (the product of coal processing) and a coal, which is stretched on metal wires.
Picture’s hash: 0xa524e399772c91c857866a4a6fda8b0c748d6ec057c90f5781e673106c82d663

Project details

  • Год: 2018
  • Автор: Астиан Рей