I Blockchain Art Hackathon

In 1916, a little more than one hundred years ago, an event that turned upside-down the previous perception of art took place. On the futuristic exhibition “0,10” the well-known “Black square” by Kazimir Malevich was presented. It proclaimed a complete freedom of expression and rejection of traditional figurative painting. Innovative talent of the world-famous painter appeared at the junction of scientific and technological progress and a new ideology, when society was stormed by revolutionary technological and political changes. Modern society is in the similar situation. The fourth industrial revolution gave rise to a huge number of unique innovations that are changing the world each moment. One of such revolutionary discoveries is the creation of Blockchain technology which is currently breaking into the life of modern society with an enormous speed. Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies have become usual things for a huge number of people.

Conserning advantages and disadvantages of the technology there are a lot of sharp debates: somebody believes it is almost a panacea for corruption and financial crises while others complain about its destructive qualities. We don’t know how the history of crypto-currency will develop, what ups, downs, hopes and disappointments they will bring to millions of users. But today, 9 years after Bitcoin’s emergence, we can confidently state that this technology has changed the world perception of many people and has created a new ideology that still needs to be understood and comprehended.
Blockchain Art Hackathon is the first in the world, unique hackathon which artists were able to show their own vision of the Blockchain technology and crrypto-currency on through the creation of art objects. The event gathered the people of the arts, the supporters and opponents of Blockchain, the owners of Blockchain-based companies — people whom this technology is an integral part of life for. The shared with artists their own success stories, disappointments and failures, told about their views on Blockchain-revolution. As a result, 29 amazing works were created which we are glad to present to you in this catalog. We believe that the result of this unique collaboration will form the basis of a new innovative art — Blockchain Art.

Founders of Blockchain Art Hackathon
Stanislav Poddyachev and Timur Michailovsky