The Civilization

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The Civilization

100 cm * 100 cm


canvas, acrylic

The chthonic deity Civilization holds in its hands the most up-to-date gifts: a smartphone that embodies the connection and access to the network, and bitcoins, the most significant and well-known cryptocurrency. Behind the deity there is a planet with metropolises that are connected with each other. This is the embodiment of civilization, and the symbolic picture of the Blockchain technology. Black colors dominate on the canvas — the colors of the universe, the emptiness which everything arose from: mankind, its ideas and gods, its technologies and cities — in short, civilization. Gold is a color of money, welfare and divine power. In turn, bronze was one of the most important metals for mankind. Now it has become a symbol of metropolises. The galaxy in the form of an eye above the head of a goddess which in addition is a halo symbolizes the eternity and globality of the universe, as well as the significance of the development of mankind in this system. The work unites the past, the present and the future, demonstrating the causal relationships of these concepts. But we should not forget that everything comes from nothing — from the source of human thought and imagination. Just as the upraise of Blockchain technology.


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