Bitcoin like a Love without Clothes

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Bitcoin like a Love without Clothes

100 cm * 100 cm


canvas, oil, acrylic

Bitcoin has opened up for the artist as a certain symbol that money is not just a material substance. The concept of "money" is the interaction of male and female energy. Exploring the subject, the author conducts an analogy of the circulation of water in the atmosphere and three levels of depth of people’s relationships. Water can be in an ocean (the relationships are closer to the shore and at the bottom), steam, or may just penetrate the sand on the shore (like a corruption). Bitcoin is when you do not need to spend on services (clothing) and at the same time transparently (at a depth without corruption). What is behind the horizon of the ocean and what deeper levels of relationships can humanity turn out of, if not spent on the service? Perhaps, Bitcoin is just a pointer to something much deeper behind the horizon of the ocean of people’s relationships?


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