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Sophia Satoshi

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Sophia Satoshi

100 cm * 100 cm; 100 cm * 100 cm;

Pop Art, Conceptualism

canvas, oil

The project is devoted to the role of artificial intelligence in the transition of the world economy to the cryptocurrency. /The original was the robot-avatar of artificial intelligence Sophia/. The artist carries out a parallel between the Blockchain technology and such artistic methods as deconstruction, fragmentation and multiplication of the image, which are characteristic of a modern art. From the standard with a claim of impertinence — like a new Mona Lisa — to the quartet and seriality — the instruments of pop-art. We also can see noise effects — application to Picasso, variability and abstraction. In other words, the transfer of a specific portrait which claims to be similar to the original into the virtuality. There it is enough to be a mark, an icon free from the interpretation in order to correspond to the original source. As a result, in the next iteration — 32 tokens, in other words, total depersonalization, conversion, interchangeability, and distribution. Only a symbolic meaning remains, a link to the involvement of the ideal, whose demand is the main guarantor of the unit's value. Similarly, Blockchain works for the bitcoin mining. It saves all its codes many times, archiving them on different computers, that guarantees the owner a network immortality. And in the end, probably, the domination over the whole world. So Anatoliy, like the court painters of the past epochs, portrays one of the faces of the new "master of the world" in paintings and coins.


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