The Concept

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The Concept

100 cm * 100 cm

Contemporary Art

canvas, oil

"The Concept" project represents a transparent spatial object that appeals to the transparency of Blockchain technology, virtuality, immateriality of bitcoin, which has no physical dimension. The object, which is an algebraic surface, is given by the equation of the nth degree, referring to the spatial model of the Kalabi-Yau six-dimensional space, describes the nature of the Blockchain technology created by a mathematical design chronologically programmed in a "chain" using complex algebraic algorithms. This is a spatial experiment where the interaction between micro- and macrosystems, between the physical and virtual worlds explores the diversity of modern phenomena. In order to reveal a transparent object, a light ray that pulses in the rhythm of human’s heart is directed at it, and, having fallen on a picturesque canvas — a black square, causes the appearance of a polar light on its surface. Due to the fact that we do not know for sure whether cryptocurrency is the future of mankind or a well-developed speculative scheme, the picturesque part of "The Concept" appeals to the work of the pioneer of the conceptual art Kazimir Malevich "Black Square" as a modernist symbol of the absolute. The colored square is "ArtCoin", a qualitatively innovative cryptocurrency of the future, which will measure the growth of human’s individuality.


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