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We are the founders of the qualitatively new direction in art — Blockchain Art, that appeared in the era of the fourth industrial revolution, which generated a huge number of unique innovations. The technology is changing the world, giving the rise to ideology. What is the role of art in this process? How can cross-border horizontal connections help in moving from competition to complementarity, from consumerism to co-creation? Business and art are stretching out one another hands, realizing that only the commonwealth of creative industries will create the prerequisites for understanding the rapid changes in technologies.

Blockchain Art Hackathon is the annual international project in which organizers, following the principles of decentralization, abandoned age and status restrictions, do not set style limits, giving artists the opportunity to show their own vision of innovative technologies through the creation of art objects. The event gathers under the same roof not only the people of art, philosophers and thinkers, but also IT industry professionals, leading economists, managers and owners of large businesses in order to create the unique Blockchain culture.

U2Europe — the series of unique interactive events, the purpose of which was the presentation of Ukrainian startups in the field of Blockchain technology to the European community. The events took place simultaneously with the exhibition of art objects of the I Blockchain Art Hackathon collection. Art is seen by us, the developers, as another way of cognition, as in the interpenetration and complementarity of technology and art a modern understanding of the world is born. Also within the framework of the tour the art workshop was held — Art Fork, during which European artists, rethinking the results of I Blockchain Art Hackathon, created their own works, displaying their emotions and sensations on the canvas.


Stanislav Podyachev

Co-founder and Commissioner Blockchain Art

Tymur Mykhailovskyi

Co-founder Blockchain Art

Aida Dzhangirova

Curator Blockchain Art Hackathon

Elena Shtepa

Fundraising Specialist

Elena Osipova

Project Manager

Lisa Nikonova

Media Manager


Dorohozhytska St, 3, Kyiv, 02000

+380 66 024 3242


10:00 – 18:00 (mon-fri) +2 GMT

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