"The Zero Block"

This work is the result of the author’s research of intersections and parallels between the main principles of Blockchain technology and the aesthetic principles of art. Blockchain is a story about communication without intermediaries. The main principle of abstraction is the direct connection of elements with each other. That is, each composition component cannot exist without the agreement with the system, as well as within Blockchain, each block of information cannot function detached from others. Therefore, the artist chose the abstraction as the most appropriate solution of the problem of projection of Blockchain technology into the world of art. This work is not a reflection of the latest technology, but an expression of the principle of its action.

Picture’s hash: 0x74d8f182ecb59ec559a563d11a02e635ba3a51d386815dd549b404674dffed1a

Project details

  • Author: Oleksiy Sereda

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