"The artist deeply understood the essence of the bitcoin. In his opinion, he lit this brand new light — a star of Blockchain. The decision of the artist: it is necessary to invest. During the presentation of the work the jury expressed the opinion that inevitably will come the time when under this picture there will be an initiation in the jedi, knights of the bitcoin.
The author chose the main colors of gold and blue, and the work has become magnificent. Blue is the color of the sky. Gold is money. Such web is a vision of close interaction of everything. Red honeycombs symbolize the human community under the rule of the bitcoin. The artist hopes they will increase with every second.
According to the author, he has made an advertising poster attracting people's attention. «While somebody is waiting for something in vain, others invest and earn»."

Picture’s hash: 0x98f75918b2ff3ebeedb8ffab37fa7dd064a04749467123894745ce46ccca09c8

Project details

  • Author: Slava Zaymak

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