"The Tale of one Love Story"

"Perhaps, somebody hasn't noticed, but future has already come. It isn't as bright as they promised but it's possible to live in.
Perhaps, somebody has forgotten, but art isn't about mind, it's about feelings. It's not about answers but about questions. It is as useless as an air.
It is interesting, that Blockchain technology works only in the presence of a voltage of 220 V. The same as electric iron Rowenta.
By the way, the last one was invented by a person who was disagree with outdated technologies of ironing. Those, who are disagree, move the world forward.
Besides, as everyone knows, the world survived because he laughed. And sometimes even giggled.
A useful piece of advice: do not hide bitcoin under a mattress. Thieves rummage there first of all."
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  • Author: Oleh Kulaychuk