"The Blockchain Universum"

"The author creates a collection of works with the general name ""Universum"". The meaning is to compile everything incompatible. For the artist Blockchain looks like a structure, composed of heterogeneous elements. Where you can buy and sell paintings through smart-contracts. For this banking system there are plenty of variants.
At first, the artist downloaded different Medias to create a one work, later he started to filtrate them. And it made sense. On the painting author depicted people who wander looking for the sense of the Blockchain technology. Some of them understand where they are now, other ones do not. The author believes that the modern system is ambivalent perceived in the world just like that."
Picture’s hash: 0xa1ce0c860c65beac850614f55013e6e7c53affaad3177e3508c17aecb220164b

Project details

  • Author: Maksym Skvortsov