"According to the principle of bitcoin and Blockchain work, the author figured out a non-digital algorithm using which the true name and characteristics of the canvas were encoded, divided into boxes, connected by the chain and wrapped in the outlines of the picture.
In the opinion of the artist, the picture reveals the essence of cryptocurrency, IT and the mechanized world which we live in. After all, the generation of zero-zero is closely related to technologies. People become smarter, so why can’t the art get a ""smart"" status?
So the author encodes all her paintings to let them go easier. Without using the computer the algorithm cannot be solved. A person who has never seen a PC won’t be able to get it."
Picture’s hash: 0x6b520a3c8e10db1effdd0b846a4b8442324ad88988a77c005ed15aca1ea5c79e

Project details

  • Author: Catherine Repa